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Severe damage at Lake Ray Roberts Marina

High winds on Monday, April 8 caused a lot of damage at Lake Ray Roberts Marina, just east of Sanger.  Boat houses 3 and 9 were hit the hardest which house 50-60 foot long slips.  Half of house 3 broke loose and floated to boat house 2.  House 9  walkway (bridge) to the parking lot flew up and knocked over a very large CoServ transformer. Marina owners think it was more than just straight-line winds.  Maybe a small tornado or wind-shear.  The marina has a 30 year history and has faced 60-70 mph winds before and it didn’t cause this kind of damage.  House, now 9 snakes to the left and back to the right with bending aluminum framing and sheet metal throughout the slips. There was some damage to some boats, as well.  See more photos on page 12:  A different kind of weather event caused a crisis at the marina in the year 2000 when the lake was over 17 feet low. All the boat docks had to be pulled out to the middle of the lake for several months.  During that span the entire marina cove was dredged, during the severe drought.  The marina’s nine houses has over 600 boat slips.


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