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Second City of Sanger Comprehensive Plan Meeting held

Sanger residents answer 36 questions about the three scenarios presented at the second Comprehensive Plan meeting.

The City of Sanger held its second public involvement meeting recently at Sanger High School to update the City of Sanger Comprehensive Plan. The meeting was facilitated by Rick Lesner with Norris Design and Jason Claunch with Catalyst Commercial. The meeting included a presentation by both consultants and an opportunity for participants to express their vision for the future of Sanger.

Representatives from Sanger city officials, city council and city planning board members, Sanger chamber of commerce directors and Sanger ISD administration were on hand, as well as residents.

The Comprehensive Plan is: The blue print of the community; The guide for growth and development; Downtown Vision; Increase in Quality of Life items; Time schedule; Citizen involvement.

A new City of Sanger logo and “brand” was unveiled at the meeting. The logo has a modern font with a historical look and a new saying - “Welcome To Sanger, When You’re Here, You’re Home.”

The meeting allowed for community input so that the city leadership could decide the best developmental approach for the future. The public got to hear about three different scenario plans. Northern DFW Gateway is more business oriented, especially on I-35, with a lot of housing and apartments. The Neighborhood plan (Village) was more residential. It is still business interested, but more about housing, walking paths in neighborhoods, etc. The last plan (Ranch) is less density and favors historical preservation, large plots of land for houses.

Lesner pointed out there is a balance of Residential vs. Commercial Property and the Property value vs. the cost of municipal services.

1. Retail and office provides high property values and good revenue to city’s via property tax.

2. It is commonly considered the break even point for SF residential vs. the cost of municipal services is $250/$300K.

3. All cities need a balance of commercial and residential land uses to provided good adequate services.

Norris Design established thirty-six (36) questions regarding the scenarios. They were listed by City Wide and Downtown for the 3 scenarios.

For updates, please visit the Sanger Comprehensive Plan website at:

A third meeting for the public to implement the plan will be held in August or September.

Attendees look at a map of one of the three plans. See all three maps on page 7. There was also a Idea Board to make suggestions.


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