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Sanger Sixth Grade Center student suffers serious injuries, loses two siblings in tornado

Two victims were identified on Monday as 2-year-old Essence McCrary and her brother 5-year-old Tyrique McCrary. A county official confirmed to WFAA that they found the two siblings in the pond behind a neighbor's home.

Their 12-year-old sister Zamiya, a student at Sixth Grade Center in Sanger is hospitalized with back injuries. She was babysitting her siblings when her mother left to go pick up her husband from work before their home was swept off its foundation, witnesses told WFAA.

Victor Ortiz was also killed, WFFA confirmed Monday. He was a father and a grandfather. Other members of his family were also injured. They set up a GoFundMe to help with essential resources and funeral arrangements.

Llyod Watson was the seventh victim confirmed dead after the the EF-3 tornado swept through the area.

Sunday, three other victims that were killed were identified as Miranda, Marco and Laura Esparza. Laura Esparza was the mother of Miranda, 15, and Marco, 9. 

“I am very sad for them to have lost their lives, God only knows why this happened,” the kids' aunt, Irma Cancino, said in Spanish, weeping. “It’s the deepest pain I’ve ever felt in my heart."

Cancino is their father's sister. He survived, she said, but is undergoing serious surgery.

Marco and Miranda have two surviving siblings. Marco loved to talk, tell stories and play soccer, Cancino said. Miranda loved school and volleyball.

The family is in need of help paying for funeral expenses. Anyone wishing to help can do so by donating to their GoFundMe.

Gabriel Landeros lived a few doors down from the Esparzas. He told WFAA he found their bodies and covered them with blankets until first responders could arrive.

“I covered them with blankets, I felt sad, I didn’t sleep all night," he told WFAA in Spanish. "I watched over their bodies.”

Landeros told WFAA he and his son narrowly survived the tornado in his truck. It felt like the truck flew in the air, he said, and a tree pierced through it. He said he’s worked his whole life to afford his home, has no insurance, and nothing left.

“We lost everything, we’re on the street…My soul breaks, I have no explanation,” he said.


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