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Sanger Public Library Honored with 2023 Achievement of Library Excellence Award

The Sanger Public Library has been recognized for its outstanding contributions to the community by receiving the prestigious 2023 Achievement of Library Excellence Award from the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association (TMLDA), an affiliate of the Texas Municipal League.

Out of the 545 public libraries in Texas, only 84 were bestowed with this esteemed award in 2023, highlighting the exceptional

efforts of the Sanger Public Library in meeting and exceeding the stringent criteria set by the TMLDA. With this honor, the Sanger Public Library is now in the state's top 15% of all public libraries.

To be considered for the Achievement of Library Excellence Award, libraries must exhibit excellence in ten categories. The Sanger Public Library demonstrated its commitment to excellence through the following:

1. Services to Underserved Populations: The library's outreach programs, special initiatives, collaborations with other organizations, and curated special collections have made a significant impact on serving underserved populations.

2. Innovative Marketing: The library's marketing efforts have been recognized for their innovation and effectiveness, focusing on highlighting services and promoting specific library programs to the community.

3. Community Collaboration: Sanger Public Library collaborates with various community organizations.

4. Enhanced Public Services: The library has committed to enhancing public services through increased service offerings catering to the community's evolving needs.

5. Literacy Support: The library's comprehensive literacy support for all age groups has been a cornerstone of its commitment to education.

6. Digital Inclusion: Through public internet access, digital literacy training, and online library services, Sanger Public Library has been pivotal in promoting digital inclusion within the community.

7. Workforce Development: The library has actively supported workforce development, recognizing the importance of empowering individuals with the skills needed for success in today’s job market.

8. Cultural, Topical, and Educational Programming: The library has consistently offered a diverse range of cultural, topical, and educational programming for adults and families, contributing to the community's intellectual and artistic enrichment.

9. Professional Training for Staff: Sanger Public Library invests in its staff by providing professional training opportunities, ensuring a high standard of service and expertise.

10. Community Support Services: The library's dedication to supporting the community through various services showcases its commitment to excellence in serving the needs of the residents.

The Sanger Public Library demonstrated distinction with its many programs such as, Snacks Around the World, City of Sanger Youth Art Show, Seed and Plant Swaps, Homeschool Meetups and services such as Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Book a Librarian and Tech Time.


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