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Sanger Police Department Unveils New Police Patch Reflecting Community Heritage

The Sanger Police Department is excited to announce that starting this week, officers will proudly wear a new police patch that embodies the City's history and unique spirit.

Chief Tyson Cheek, along with dedicated members of the department, sought to create a patch that truly represents what Sanger is all about. The current patch, while functional, lacked the distinctive elements that make Sanger special. This realization prompted Chief Cheek to ask a fundamental question: “What is Sanger?”

Over several weeks, Chief Cheek engaged with community members at various events, exploring Sanger’s history and gathering personal insights into what Sanger means to its residents. Two prominent themes emerged: Sanger’s deep-rooted connection to the Chisholm Trail and the significant role of the railroad in the community’s development.

Collaborating closely with Donna Green, Director of Marketing and Civic Engagement for the City, and later involving Sanger’s own Tex McDorman, nationally recognized for his pinstriping, custom paint, and owner of McDorman Signs and Advertising, Chief Cheek oversaw multiple iterations of the patch design. The final result is a badge that beautifully captures the essence of Sanger. The left side of the patch features a cowboy roping a calf, symbolizing the Chisholm Trail, while the right side showcases a speeding train emerging from a star, marking Sanger’s Texas location and representing the importance of the railroad and the community’s pride. Additionally, subtle motion lines emanating from the train pay homage to the Sanger Independent School District.

“A lot of thought and effort went into this new patch, and it’s our hope that the community will like it as much as we do,” said Chief Cheek. “This patch is more than just an emblem; it’s a testament to our City’s heritage and the pride we have in serving the community.”

The Sanger Police Department invites all residents to view the new patch and share in this celebration of Sanger’s unique identity. The department looks forward to continuing to represent the City of Sanger with pride and dedication.

The Sanger Police Department is committed to serving and protecting the residents of Sanger, TX. Through community engagement and a dedication to public safety, the department strives to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all.

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Chief Tyson Cheek


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