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RECOGNIZING SANGER ISD SCHOOL BOARD Serving as a link between community and the classroom

January is School Board Recognition Month and Sanger ISD is honored to celebrate its trustees for their dedication and commitment to the district’s schools and students.

“School boards are essential to a strong public education system,” Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Executive Director Dan Troxell said. “They provide the local governance and oversight that makes it possible for school districts to serve students, including establishing a strategic plan, adopting policies, approving a budget and selecting and evaluating a superintendent. It’s fitting that we celebrate them in January as their leadership is key to the success of every school district in Texas.”

“Our school board members are selfless volunteers who spend long hours working to ensure all of our students have the opportunity to learn and grow, and Celebrating School Board Recognition Month is one way to say thanks for all they do.” said Superintendent, Dr. Tommy Hunter.

Rising Above Indeed! To mention a few unpredictable challenges trying to navigate controversial topics in education, such as Pandemic, Covid-19 Mandates, Virtual Learning, Policy Changes, and Dress Code, to name a few have called for some quick thinking protocols to Rising Above every challenge by your School Board Trustees. If it’s good for the students, staff and community, they make it happen!

We ask that you join with us in congratulating each member for all they do for Sanger ISD and the Community. Serving as a link between the community and the classroom, school board members provide the framework for public schools. Your Sanger ISD Board members are:

President Ken Scribner, Secretary Ann Marie Afflerbach, Vice-President Sarah York,

Trustees: Mitch Hammonds, Lisa Cody, Jerrod Roberts and Dr. Dale Gleason

Sanger ISD Board members, left to right: Lisa Cody, Ann Marie Afflerbach, Sarah York, Ken Scribner, Ken Scribner, Jerrod Roberts, Mitch Hammonds and Dr. Dale Gleason, present a teacher (middle) an award at a recent meeting.


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