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Efflandt on a mission to educate as many people about the benefits of native plants

BY Gay Campbell

Denton County Master Gardener

Kathi Efflandt, of Sanger,  is on a mission. She hopes to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of native plants. This mission was the driving force behind the purchase of two acres of land in Sanger many years ago. At the time, Kathi and husband, Randy, had a vision of what the farm could be and how Kathi could use it to provide native plant education to the public. Almost seven years later, Native Roots Perennial Farm and Garden boasts a roomy greenhouse, a comfortable classroom/event space, raised vegetable and herb gardens and endless beds filled with native plants. It holds special certifications as a Monarch Waystation and a Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. In addition, it’s certified by the Native Plant Society of Texas as a Natives Improve and Conserve Environments (N.I.C.E.) plant partner.

One needs only a few minutes with Kathi to sense her passion for native plants. Kathi enthusiastically explains that because native plants are adapted to our local climate and conditions, they are water-wise and hardy and require less maintenance once established. This allows them to thrive rather than just survive. Native plants also provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and other pollinators. Non-native ornamental species are not bred with this in mind, making gardens filled with non-native plants often unappealing to pollinators.

A life-long gardener, Kathi has both the experience and education to assist the public in a variety of ways. Kathi studied Landscape Design at North Central Texas College and provides landscape design services, when needed. After becoming a Denton County Master Gardener in 2010, her previous Denton home was twice featured on DCMGA’s annual Garden Tour. She has successfully completed several advanced training courses since joining DCMGA. In 2015, Kathi became a certified Propagation Specialist from the state of Texas and later received further propagation training at the Jupiter Level Botanical Gardens in Raleigh, NC. Kathi is co-leader of DCMGA’s Propagation Team where she excels in instructing interns, members and the general public in propagation techniques, as well as the cost-cutting advantages of learning such skills. When Kathi’s not busy educating others, she can be found happily using her skills in her own greenhouse to create healthy, inexpensive and sustainable plants to sell to the public.

Kathi’s propagated plants are sold next to an assortment of greeting cards at The Antique Gallery in Denton. Often potted in seasonal containers, Kathi strives to provide unique and uncommon varieties for easy and stress-free gifts for any gender or age. Starting in May, Kathi and her plants will be at the Sanger Farmer’s Market on the third Saturday of the month from 9 am to 1 pm. Also starting in May, Kathi will hold plant sales at Native Roots Perennial Farm and Gardens in Sanger on the fourth Saturday of every month from 9 am to 1 pm. SEE MORE ABOUT PLANT SALE ON PAGE 12: 

Kathi loves to hold plant “potting parties” at the farm for gardeners of all ages. A proud member of the Sanger Chamber of Commerce, she was honored to host a dish-gardening party for Chamber members. She also organized a fairy-themed planting party with twinkling lights at the farm and is more than happy to accommodate your special theme.

Does a relaxing “Ladies Night Out” spent designing terrariums and sipping wine sound fun? Kathi can make it happen. Holiday wreath-building and propagation techniques (stemcutting and division) are two of the classes slated for this Fall. Another popular class on the farm’s Fall lineup is “foodscaping,” the process of incorporating edible plants into ornamental landscapes. Stay tuned as even more offerings are in the works.

Kathi’s energy and excitement are infectious and her willingness to freely pass on hardearned knowledge is encouraging. If you’re interested in purchasing plants, want a garden design consultation, need help creating a live arrangements with a custom plant container, hoping to expand your plant knowledge or you’re just looking for a fun day or evening out, contact Kathi Efflandt at Native Roots Perennial Farm and Garden. She’ll hook you up!

To connect with Kathi, please call or text 940-395-0886 or email at Native Roots Perennial Farm can be found at 8463 Crestview Rd., Sanger, TX.


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