The Sanger Super Save Grocery Store building was demolished on Tuesday. The store closed permanently at the end of the day Sunday, April 25th because of TxDOT FM 455 and HWY I-35 expansions. The original store Burrus Supermarket opened September 10, 1979 and was remodeled and expanded on the north end in August of 1989. Burrus sold to Bill Kiker in September of 2003 and the store name changed to Super Save. Around 2009 Homeland Grocery out of Oklahoma bought out Mr. Kiker and has owned the store up to April 25th, 2021. Homeland leases the buildings of all their grocery stores and without another suitable building to move in Sanger, it closed. The City of Sanger has had a few inquiries regarding a grocery store, but as of August 2021, that is all they have had. One of the big problems is new businesses may want to wait until the highway and FM 455 construction is completed and the close proximity to all the grocery stores on University Drive in Denton. Also, building construction costs and real estate are at an all time high in North Texas.

Sanger has lost several businesses because of both TxDOT projects: Super Save Grocery Store; Snap Shop and Shell Convenient Stores. Chevron Tacos and Chicken Express Conoco lost their fuel pumps, but the restaurants will not be affected. The Donut Shop and Dentist (next to McDonald’s) closed, Oriental Express Restaurant, Howard Mortuary (moved to Krum), Sanger Insurance (will move to corner of FM 455 and 5th Street), Sonic (construction supposed to start soon), plus several homes and buildings have been demolished for the Right of Way for the projects.

The City of Sanger released a statement in April about the only Sanger grocery store closing. “As many of you are aware, TXDOT has planned the expansion of FM 455 and IH-35 through Sanger for several years. As a result of TXDOT’s acquisition of right-of-way needed for this expansion, several properties have been affected by the projects.

Businesses located at the intersection of both IH-35 and FM 455, including Super Save, have seen greater impact because of the loss of property to both projects.

Our development staff has been committed to assist impacted businesses through this transition process and has worked with several of them to help identify potential options that would allow them to continue to serve our community. In reviewing these options, staff considered the City’s development ordinances, building codes, fire codes and parking regulations to ensure the viability of the proposed operations.

City Council and staff are aware of the community’s desire to have more retail businesses in town, especially a new grocery store. There are many factors that go into a retailer’s site selection process such as location, demographics, proximity to other similar businesses, etc. Our staff has been actively engaging with several grocery store chains and sharing Sanger’s story. This is not a new effort and will continue to be at the top of our list.

Currently, staff is working with several prospects which have shown an interest in Sanger. We are confident that the continued growth that is occurring in the Sanger area positions our city to be a very desirable location for a new grocery store.

Attracting quality businesses to our community, while recognizing the importance of the businesses that are already here, continues to remain a top priority for City Council and staff.”

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