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Council approves zoning change for “Preserve” development

The Sanger City Council conducted a Public Hearing on Monday evening for a rezoning from Agricultural to a Planned Development of approximately 12.01 acres of land located on the southeast corner of 5th Street and Cowling Rd. The developer is wanting to build four retail buildings of 9,000 square feet each and 170 multi-family and Apartment Units on the property.

The City mailed out 81 letters to property and home owners near the area on two different occasions. They only received six total letters in opposition of the project. There were a few others who were concerned that attended two previous P&Z Meetings, but after seeing some of the revisions, seemed satisfied with the neighboring development. Sanger’s P&Z green-lighted the zoning change and no one spoke against the change at the Public Hearing on Monday.

Around most of the outer part of the property, as a buffer, will be units that look like two story houses with garages. In the middle of the 8 acres will be the 3-story apartment complexes, with a pool and patio area. The commercial part is 3 acres and will feature retail shops and 144 parking spaces. The developer said it will feel like a neighborhood. They will try to do all the construction at once (retail/apartments). There will be one 3-story complex on the south side adjacent to the retail.

Before the council voted for the change, the biggest concern was that a traffic study needed to be done. The applicant/developer and TxDOT will have to see if there is a need for stop lights, turn, lanes, stop signs, etc... They will both work together on the traffic study. 5th Street that runs through Sanger is overseen by TxDOT.

The developer is getting two HUD loans for the projects. One for the retail, and the multi-family. With it being a federal loan, it will be a better product for the residents. HUD will want the traffic study and the entire complex will be energy efficient (GREEN). The developer said there will be high end finishes in the units, with granite counter tops, double pane windows, etc...

The vote passed 3-1 with Victory Gann voting no. Councilman Gary Bilyeu wasn’t at the meeting. Dennis Dillon, Allen Chick and Marissa Barrett were for it. Mayor Thomas Muir said it was a logical development for that area, with single-family (already there) and now retail, multi-family, apartments then industrial behind that (A&W Productions).


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