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City is committed to Sanger Senior Center

A plan is in place to address conditions of the building

Members of the Sanger Senior Center are worried their deteriorating building in downtown Sanger will be condemned. They have posted signs that read “SAVE OUR CENTER”. The rear of the building was closed until repairs can be made. A meeting was held Thursday, May 25 at 10:30 a.m. Sanger’s Parks & Rec, as well as City Manager John Noblitt, were on hand to give brief recap of preliminary findings on the building. The Center’s building was donated to the City of Sanger by the Sullivan Family and any Sanger citizens over the age of 50 can use the facility.

The City is committed to providing a home for Senior Services to the community. The City of Sanger released a statement early this week:

“Concerns were brought to current City staff earlier this year regarding the condition of the Sullivan Senior Center. The City took the expressed concerns seriously and has since taken the necessary steps to determine a maintenance plan for the building and establish a best go-forward plan.

In early March, the City contracted the engineering and architecture firm Halff Inc. for an assessment of the condition of the roof. During its evaluation, Halff engineers determined that the roof and ceiling framing needed to be replaced. Additionally, they recommended that the rear of the building remain closed for all purposes, except limited storage, until the roof and ceiling framing are replaced. No immediate concerns were noted regarding asbestos. However, the engineer report suggests that the old ceiling tiles be tested before moving forward on any repairs to the roof and ceiling framing.

City Manager John Noblitt requested a meeting with Senior Center members to address their concerns. During the May 25th meeting, Mr. Noblitt recapped the efforts to date to address the conditions of the building.

The City further tasked the engineers to provide a detailed scope of work for the repairs identified in the report as well as an estimated cost. The City Council and staff remain committed to providing a home for Senior Services for our community. Staff will deliver a presentation to City Council during a workshop in August on the condition of the building, the scope of work, and the estimated cost to make the needed repairs and seek direction on a plan moving forward.”

If you want more information about joining the Sanger Senior Center please call Director Peggy Williams, 940-458-3166.


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