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A guide on what happens if the 14 Constitutional Propositions pass

By Dr. Lynn Stucky

Texas State Representative

In a recent post on my website, I provided a concise voting guide for Denton and Wise County residents, offering insights into the goals of each proposed constitutional amendment that could significantly impact the future of Texas. Here's a summary of what happens if each proposition passes:

Prop 1: Safeguards the right to engage in various agricultural and wildlife management practices while allowing legislative regulation for public health, safety, and natural resource conservation.

Prop 2: Authorizes local governing bodies to grant up to a 50% property tax exemption for childcare facilities, aiming to reduce childcare costs in the state.

Prop 3: Prohibits the imposition of taxes based on an individual's or family's wealth, net worth, or asset-liability difference.

Prop 4: Enacts an $18 billion property tax relief package, including increased homestead exemptions ($100K), increased reduction of local school tax rates, savings for small businesses, and new elected positions on the Denton County appraisal board.

Prop 5: Establishes an endowment to support major universities, including the University of North Texas, with potential eligibility for Texas Woman's University in the future.

Prop 6: Creates the Texas water fund, utilizing various funding sources to support water projects and preserve the state's natural resources.

Prop 7: Establishes the Texas energy fund, enabling loans and grants for new power generation facilities to meet growing electricity demand.

Prop 8: Creates a fund to expand high-speed internet access across Texas, especially in rural areas of Denton and Wise Counties.

Prop 9: Authorizes a cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase for retired teachers statewide.

Prop 10: Allows lawmakers to exempt medical supply facilities from property taxes to ensure a stable supply chain for healthcare workers and emergency responders.

Props 11 & 12: Local propositions specific to El Paso County and Galveston County, not affecting Denton and Wise County.

Prop 13: Raises the mandatory retirement age for state judges from 75 to 79.

Prop 14: Establishes a permanent fund to protect state parks and promote the preservation of large recreational areas.

For a more in-depth analysis of each proposition, visit my website at


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