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SISD begins with 1,818 campus and 757 online students

Sanger ISD started school on Monday. It’s an unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have had a wonderful start. As with any first day of school, there will be mistakes or unplanned occurrences that happen across the district. However, I could not be more proud of all the hard work and preparation our teachers did, in making our first day of school a success,” said Sanger ISD Superintendent Dr. Tommy Hunter.

Dr. Hunter wants parents and community members to be patient as they are still working through certain issues, such as bus routes and parent pick-up and drop-off. It will take a few weeks for the district to settle in. “We will be making all the necessary changes to get the routine established. Again, we ask our parents to be patient with us during this time,” said Dr. Hunter, on Wednesday.

SISD has 2,575 students enrolled (1,818 - Face-to-Face Learners) and 757 - Online Learners. Enrollment is up a little from the end of school last year. The Sanger News will publish each SISD campus and grade enrollment figures in next weeks issue.

The district will be sending out another parent survey regarding Learning Platforms. After the first three weeks of school, students are allowed to switch from online to face-to-face learning if they so choose. They will also have the choice to move from face-to-face to online. After this three week window has passed, students will not be allowed to switch from online to face-to-face until the end of the grading period (9-weeks). Students can move from face-to-face at any time during the year. Due to the planning involved with classroom space and social distancing guidelines, they are only allowing online learners to switch platforms at the grading periods.

The Allbritton’s on the first day of school on Monday before they attend their respective campuses. Pictured are Tatum- 7th grade; Broxton- 1st grade; Charlie- Kindergarten and Kambrie- Kindergarten. Their parents are Tayler and Jessica Allbritton.

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