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Chief of Police Curtis Amyx retiring after 36 years of service to the City of Sanger

PHOTO: Curtis Amyx has been Chief of Police since 2000. His last day on duty is Friday, August 14.

Sanger Police Chief Curtis Amyx is retiring and his last day on duty will be Friday, August 14, 2020. He’s been with the Sanger Police Department for 36 years. Amyx is a 1980 graduate of Sanger High School and he was a reserve police officer in 1984 for one year, before he was brought on full-time in 1985. When he was hired, Sanger didn’t have a night shift, but he was one of four officers on duty to cover the city. He worked under long-time chief Benny Erwin at the time.

There hasn’t been much turnover as chief for the City of Sanger. Erwin retired in 2000 and Amyx took over as chief, in charge of nine officers.

He’s built it up, currently, to 15 officers, one administrative assistant - Sheri Reynolds and one animal control officer. “I have a very loyal staff and during my watch they have never let me down,” said Amyx, this week.

“He’s dedicated his whole life to the city,” said his wife Brenda. “I’ve been second string 24-7, 365 days a year, (she jokingly said). It’s going to be hard for him stepping down. He’s been so loyal to the job.”

Being a police officer and especially chief of a small town you grew up in is very challenging. Amyx was able to balance that well. He also has pushed for his officers to have better equipment and salary raises to keep the citizens of Sanger safe.

“Curtis has served the citizens of Sanger in an exemplary manner during his long tenure. He has provided leadership during the city’s time of growth and has been a calming force in a position that, by its nature, can be challenging. Much work goes on behind the scenes that others do not see, but Curtis’ service in this manner is part of what makes Sanger a great place to live. I am so appreciative of his decades of service to our community,” said Sanger Mayor Thomas Muir.

Curtis Amyx would handle situations to the best of his ability. “The most satisfying part of my job is problem solving. I feel it is my responsibility to listen to everyone’s problem and come up with the proper solution. Sometimes the solution may not be in their favor but we agree that it is best for that situation,” said Amyx.

With that comes the stress of the position. “The most negative thing is being on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Not being able to sleep at night worrying about the police officers risking their lives to protect the citizens of Sanger,” said Amyx.

That could take a toll on a man, especially being in charge for 20 years. As many locals commented on FaceBook about a parade on Friday for Amyx that his retirement is well-deserved!

Sheri Reynolds has worked with Amyx for all 20 years as chief and three years before that under Erwin. She probably knows Amyx the best and she has tremendous amount of respect for him. “As a boss Curtis is truly the best! He has always been a very fair boss. He has always been very appreciative of me and the officers and truly cares about each of us. I myself feel very fortunate to have been able to have worked for Curtis,” Reynolds said. “Curtis is a man of integrity, loyalty and honor as well as kind and caring. He is very devoted to his wife and family, even though the City of Sanger perhaps got more of his time than the family has.”

Reynolds said Sanger has received so much from Curtis throughout his years with the police department. “He has given Sanger not only his time and efforts Monday through Friday 7-5 he has always been available 24/7 to answer calls, give information, answer questions and assist in all ways possible, not only for the police department but all departments for the City of Sanger. He has so much knowledge of all aspects of this town that go back from many years prior. He has worked hard to build up the police department, keeping it staffed with well trained officers. Curtis has always worked hard for Sanger and has always kept the well being of the residents of Sanger as his main priority. We have been so fortunate to have Curtis and it will truly be a great loss to the department and the city as a whole to when he leaves as he has given so much more than just his time to the City of Sanger, he has given us 35 years of his devotion and his life,” Reynolds said.

Amyx is looking forward to spending time with family and friends, hunting and fishing, in retirement. People may not recognize him anymore since he won’t be in his white or black unmarked vehicle and in uniform. Citizens have seen him that way for three and a half decades.

“When I learned Chief Amyx was retiring, I had mixed emotions. On one hand, I was excited for him,” said long-time city councilman Gary Bilyeu. “After 35 years of dedicated and honorable service to our community, he definitely earned that right. On the other hand, the city will have a very difficult task finding a replacement of his caliber. It’s been my pleasure working with Chief Amyx through the years, and I am deeply grateful for his service to the City of Sanger. I wish him the best in retirement.”

Sanger City Manager Alina Ciocan appreciates Amyx’s service for so many years. “Chief Amyx has done an outstanding job for the Sanger community. His thirty-five years of service demonstrate his unparalleled commitment and dedication to the city. We truly appreciate the legacy he is leaving behind and extend our best wishes to him and his family as he embarks on this new journey.”

If any of the community would like to say thank you or bid a farewell to Curtis, they are more than welcome and encouraged to stop by the Police Department on Thursday and Friday.

There will be parade at 6:30 p.m., Friday, leaving from the Sanger Middle School and everyone is welcome to join in and participate in the drive by celebration for Amyx.

Reynolds wanted the public to know, since COVID-19 has limited Amyx a well deserved retirement party, you can also show your appreciation for his 35 years of service by sending him a card (P. O. Box 28, Sanger, TX 76266).

“Reynolds added, “I will miss the devotion he has put forth for Police Department and the City. I will miss the structure and comfort he provides for the department. I will miss him as a boss and a friend... you just can’t replace a Curtis Amyx!!”

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