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EnviroMAC Solutions looking at locations to open a facility in the Sanger area

EnviroMAC Solutions is a new startup company looking at locations to open a facility in the Sanger area, Denton County and North Texas. The EnviroMac product is a new cutting edge patented technology that has the ability to solve environmental contamination problems and reduce the environmental impact created by the oil and chemical industries.

EnviroMAC Solutions will offer jobs and training for individuals in the region including a Veteran’s Training Program:

Employment Opportunities will Include jobs in these areas:

• Manufacturing / Production

• Transportation

• Packaging

• Shipping

• Administration

• Security

• Safety Training

Managing Partner of the company Michael Loya is a Building and Environmental Technologies Specialist; focusing on minimizing the environmental footprint by using innovative sustainable methods. He has over 35 years of experience in construction, energy efficient building technologies, environmental drilling and remediation.

“I am an advocate for water and environmental stewardship and am dedicated to making new innovative technologies available to the market,” said Loya.

Mr. Loya, a Denton County resident has been sponsored by the Department of Energy as a delegate to Environmental Conferences in Washington, DC where he presented strategies on sustainable living and building.

The American Petroleum Industry is a critical component of the world economy and fuels most industries. A negative by-product of this industry is the environmental impact. “We strive to partner with industry while protecting the environment,” stated Loya.

Michael Loya (left), managing partner of EnviroMAC Solutions was interviewed by Michael Yorba of CEO Money Show.

Oil spill incidents are rising globally and the impact on the environment is expected to increase and drive the multi-billion dollar environmental clean-up management market higher. This North Texas based company plans to be a part of "the solution to the pollution".

EnviroMAC is an “environmentally friendly” cost effective clean-up product for oil and chemical spills in water and on dry surfaces. The EnviroMAC product is produced from recycled biomass and has a high contaminant absorption capacity.

“Developing and implementing effective, innovative solutions through scientifically engineered strategies is our mission. This paradigm will help to sustain industry and communities far into the future by cleaning up and protecting the environment. These innovative applications must be ‘Technologically and Financially Feasible’ to be successful.

The EnviroMAC product is more effective, more efficient, cost effective, and the product is made from 100% recycled biomass that has been diverted from the waste stream. This product will be useful in the ongoing effort to protect land and water from contamination.

ESG investing considers environmental, social and governance issues that have not traditionally been a part of financial analysis yet now have financial relevance. Investors are looking for ways to make a positive impact with their investment dollars.

A lab video demonstration of crude oil removal in water using the first of its kind patented EnviroMAC product can be viewed at these links:

If you would like to contact EnviroMac Solutions, go to their website

You can also signup to on their email list for updates on their progress.

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