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Homeowners vote yes for TxDOT noise wall barrier on I-35

Nelson L. Underwood, Advanced Project Development for the Dallas District of TxDOT confirmed recently that the proposed noise wall barrier on I-35 in Sanger got enough yes votes by homeowners affected by the project and was approved, recently. All that is left is to get the results to TxDOT’s Enviromental Specialist.

TxDOT hosted a workshop on October 29, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Butterfield Elementary School at 291 Indian Lane in Sanger. TxDOT proposed to construct one noise barrier along the northbound frontage road of I-35 for residences along Carolyn Drive, Allen Drive, and Stephen Drive. A formal presentation was made to provide the owners of the property affected with sufficient information to make an informed decision about it. TxDOT wanted to give sufficient time for the homeowners affected to vote yes or no and homeowners were allowed to mail in their ballot votes.

In 2018, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) conducted a traffic noise analysis in Sanger as part of the environmental assessment for improvements to I-35 in Denton and Cooke Counties. In accordance with TxDOT’s Guidelines for Analysis and Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise, the proposed noise barrier could not be constructed without the approval, by simply majority vote, of the owners of property adjacent to the proposed barrier. The opportunity to vote, for or against the proposed noise barrier, was limited to the owners of property right next to it, because they would be most affected by the noise associated with highway traffic, as well as presence/appearance of the noise barrier.

The wall barrier will coincide with the already approved TxDOT I-35 widening expansion that will take place in the coming years from Hwy 380 in Denton to Valley View.

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