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2018-2019 SISD Academic Calendar announced

The new 2018-2019 SISD calendar has been approved and released to the public. It’s not an easy process. The calendar is developed by the District Leadership Team (DLT). The DLT first met in December and reviewed the requirements for academic school calendars and created some first drafts. Diana Freeman (Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services)took the information from the DLT and created a survey and two example calendars. The survey was released to employees internally through email and to parents and community members through the website and social media. Input was accepted for a week, and the results were compiled and shared with the DLT committee. After reviewing the results of the survey the DLT met in January and reached consensus on the critical components of what is now the proposed 2018-2019 Academic School Calendar. The proposed calendar closely mirrors the 2017-2018 School Calendar. One notable change is the addition of a third trade day. Eligible employees will complete 24 hours of professional development during the summer to “trade” for October 8 and November 19-20. Administrative Considerations: The calendar meets the requirements for instructional minutes and teacher contract days. Teachers work 187 days, and there are 76,740 instructional minutes. Consideration was given to the needs of the fall extracurricular activities: marching band, volleyball, and football. IMPORTANT DATES: August 8 -All staff report to work; Convocation August 13 -Secondary Meet the Teacher August 14- First day of school for 7th and 9th grade students and students new to SMS and SHS; Elementary (grades PK-6) Meet the Teacher August 15 -First Day of School for students September 3 -Labor Day Holiday September 21 -End 1st Six Weeks September 24 -Professional Development/Student Holiday September 25 -Begin 2nd Six Weeks October 8 -Professional Development—Trade Day November 2 -End 2nd Six Weeks November 5 -Professional Development/Student Holiday November 6 -Begin 3rd Six Weeks November 19-20 -Professional Development—Trade Days November 21-23 -Thanksgiving Holidays December 3-7 -STAAR EOC Administration December 20-21 -Early Release Days December 21 -End 3rd Six Weeks December 24 – January 4 Winter Break January 7-8 -Professional Development/Student Holiday January 9 -Begin 4th Six Weeks January 21- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday February 15 -End 4th Six Weeks February 18 -Professional Development/Student Holiday February 19 -Begin 5th Six Weeks March 11-15 -Spring Break April 9-12 -STAAR Tests April 12 -End 5th Six Weeks April 15 -Professional Development/Student Holiday April 16 -Begin 6th Six Weeks April 19 -Good Friday Holiday/Bad Weather Day May 6-17 -STAAR Tests May 22-23- Early Release Days May 23 -End 6th Six Weeks; Last Day of School May 24 -Holiday/Bad Weather Day/Teacher Work Day if not needed for bad weather make-up May 27 -Memorial Day Holiday May 28 -Professional Development/Teacher Work Day if May 24 used for instruction -Professional Development includes a work day before school begins, between semesters, and after the last day of instruction.

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